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Rincon Puerto Rico

Rincon Puerto Rico is a small coastal town  on the island's west side, with a population of 14,000;  One road leads into it and it has no stop lights.    It's popular because of surfing, beaches, scuba diving and deep sea fishing.  Its tourist season starts  before Christmas and continues to Labor Day.

It's the 3rd smallest town on the island. During winter, it swells to around 19,000.

Welcome To Rincon PR

 Rincon is half an hour from Aguadilla Borinquen Airport, and 2.5 hours from Luis Munoz International Airport in San Juan.  You need a car to get around Puerto Rico.  Distances are far and public transport is dismal.  The best time not to get into San Juan, Puerto Rico is Friday afternoons, or on weekdays around 5 o'clock.  Traffic on the eastern side is terrible.  It's bumper to bumper from 3 to 6, and if there's an accident or a distraction,  congestion gets worse.

I've traveled around the states, Europe, Caribbean Islands, and Central America.  Puerto Rico feels like a state.  You see the same car companies, fast food restaurants, and stores.  Fifteen minutes from our villa there's a Walgreens, Sam's Food Club, Kmart and  others. 

What I like about Puerto Rico: it feels like a foreign country.  Puerto Rico is a U.S.  territory, but  it's safer  than any  Latin American country.  You don't need a passport, but you do need your city sense.

Puerto Rico is bilingual.   You see the same movies from the US in Puerto Rico with Spanish subtitles. 

Rincon is a town in the country. My neighbors raise cows, chickens and pigs.  Yet, everything you need is close:  A hospital,  supermarkets, restaurants and beach shops are within  10 minutes from Villa Orleans.

In Rincon there are many things to do:

Art Walk: Every Thursday night in the plaza! Music, arts and crafts, jewelry and souvenirs.

Farmer's market: Organic fruits, veggies and excellent food!

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Diving:  The waters off the coast of Rincon are fabulous.  There are several dive shops renting out diving equipment.   Taino Divers has daily excursions to Desecheo Island.  They provide food and drinks.  We go snorkeling to Desecheo every summer and the waters are eye candy.  150 ft visibility, all the tropical fish you see in pet shops and  more. I like them because they are cautious.

  • Beaches: Puerto Rico beaches circle the island. Miles of beaches surround Rincon.  You can hike from one end to the other. I've taken a Rincon beach hike.  Along the beach you see pelicans, occasional iguanas, dolphin, and from January to March, whales.       

  • Snorkeling: You can snorkel in front of Villa Orleans, but when strong rains come, the water gets cloudy.  The coolest area to go snorkeling in Rincon, is called Tres Palmas Marine reserve.  There is a place called Steps Beach.  The shore line is a slab of rock, but once you get past it, you're in an Elk Horn coral forest.

    Explore Waterfalls:  

  • Steps Beach | Rincon Puerto Rico